Do you have a free plan?
Yes, there are two plans. The free plan is available to you for validating and accelerating your idea, and the $49 plan offers you access to mentor reviews and investors.

What is the application process for Sproutster?
All you need is your idea. Sproutster will take you through online step by step questions which walk you through the thought process of what will ultimately be your pitch.

Do I need a business plan to apply?
No not at all. The online questions will help you create a business plan as there are questions about your team, market and product.
I have a non-IT idea. Can I still sign up?
Of course! Anyone from anywhere with any idea can sign up. As long as you think your idea (and solution) can greatly benefit from the resources we provide, you are more than welcome!

If I don’t have a team, can I still sign up?
Yes. We will not automatically discard a single-founder with a great idea, but we strongly believe a team will make your startup greater. Sproutster can connect you to great team members who are aligned with your vision.

Can anyone see my idea?
No, the full details of your idea are only visible to you and the team you assign it to. All intellectual property is protected.